Customer Pricing

Reston National Golf Course rates for tee times is based on Dynamic Pricing.

Dynamic Pricing? What is it?

By definition, dynamic means “constant change.” At Reston National we prefer to view dynamic as progress. Golf rates will be adjusted in real-time, based on demand, availability and other changing factors (yes, even Mother Nature plays her role in this energetic new strategy). While the name may be new to the game of golf, airlines, hotels and now even your favorite sports team are utilizing this powerful new pricing strategy. And, with rates changing daily, Dynamic Pricing gives you the chance to find the rate you want. Please see the chart below referencing all special rates.

$20 additional cost for a riding fee.

Special Rates

Weekday (Mon-Thur) - 18 Holes
Weekend ( Fri-Sun) - 18 Holes
Green Fees Riding Fee Total Rate
Senior (60+) $44 $20 $64
Junior (17 & under)  $30 $30
Green Fees Riding Fee Total Rate
Junior (17 & under) $45 $45

Rental Clubs: Rental clubs are available at a first come first serve basis with a fee of $60.

No Show Fee: Reston National has a No-Show fee. This means if a change or cancellation is not made for any player (including members) at least 24 hours, the credit card holder is responsible for all applicable charges and will automatically be billed a No-Show fee of $50 per person.

*A golfer is responsible for injury or damage that result from errant golf shots. Please use due care.*