Introducing our Tee Time Assistant

Try our New Tee Time Virtual Assistant

Reston National Golf Course is proud to announce the launch of its new Virtual Tee Time Assistnat. Fully integrated with our Tee Sheet, this application is a game-changer for golfers like you who want to book their tee time with ease. Using our Virtual Tee Time Assistant, you can put yourself on a virutal waiting list for any day, time range, and number of players you desire. Then, you’ll receive instant notifications when a tee time that fits your preferences becomes available, without the need to constantly refresh the tee sheet page. This will give you more time to focus on your game and less time worrying about securing a tee time.

Tips & Tricks for Using the Virtual Tee Time Assistant:

Search for Fewer Player:
This will still notify you if more spots are available for that same tee time. If you just want to play and don’t need a foursome, try searching for one player.
Be Flexible:
Create a search for more days and bigger time ranges. This will increase your chance of playing golf for you desired time.
Confirm Your Booking:
Easily stop your notifications for a day by confirming you got the booking wiht the stop notification button in the email or text. This will save you time and ensure you’re only notified when relevant tee times become available.
Try it our today and see how it can simplify your golfing experience at Reston National Golf Course! Click below to start using our “Tee Time Assistant.”