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Meet Director of Instruction Shaun Strand

Reston National is one of East Coasts busiest golf learning centers for both juniors and adults of all abilities.  Shaun Strand has leading the way for the past 5+ seasons.  Click on the bio link below to learn a little bit more about him. Read More

Understanding Frost Delays

I recently started having more conversations with the golfers at the facility in the mornings about frost delays.  The temperatures at night have been sneaking below 40 degrees and causing 30 minute to hour long frost delays.  Below is a great article from the GCSAA regarding Read More

Golf at the Olympics

Golf is one of the hardest sports to just “pick up”. At least in my opinion. To be able to hit a small spherical ball 250 in a straight line is a big order for a lot of people. Even harder so is being able to hit this ball with such accuracy that you are able to pick where on the green you’d like Read More

GPS Range Finders

In golf, every yard counts when it comes to hitting long to short shots. In putting, its all about feet and slope. Back when golf was first new, players sometimes had their caddies walk the courses before a match to get exact distances while in the dark. A pro golfers know the importance of getting Read More

New Rental Sets

This year Reston National has decided to do something new for our visitors from out of town and golfers who want to try something different. We are glad to introduce our new “Premium Rental Sets”. This new rental set includes Callaway’s latest and greatest club lineup. The Driver, Fairway Wood, and Read More

Whats In My Bag: Johnny McIntyre

I play the Nike vapor pro irons. The irons give me maximum stability,speed and work ability with a piercing trajectory. My 6 iron is the vapor pro fly. I love this club, it gives me forgiveness and distance in a tour-preferred profile. It gives me higher and longer approach shots.   Nike Read More