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2015 saw a banner year for junior golf and summer camp participation. All three course in our region that offer summer camps; Reston/Nike Golf Learning Center, Redgate and 1757 increased the number of campers.

We can’t thank the families and campers enough for joining us the summer and seeing people from all over the DC area.

This is great news for an industry looking to find and add new golfers.

The best way to grow the game is through junior golf; they are the future.  

Why the surge? Some simple things to do; make it accessible to all ages 6-16, make it fun and create a safe, friendly and welcoming environment. 

We are always to trying stay current, adding new activities; this year for example we added camp dollars. The campers could earn camp dollar throughout the week in contests, golf drills, and proper swing mechanics. Once they have earn the dollars they turn them in for a slew of prizes we offer. Prizes consist of hats, towels, golf balls, hat clips, tee packs, golf gloves, candy, and backpacks.

Throw in a little birdie ball, Golfzilla, Skeet ball and it makes for a fun week.

All the camps include instruction, snack breaks and golf and lunch if they stay all day.

It’s the Nike Golf learning Centers 15th season and have now seen over 6,000 campers. We have seen kids grow right in front of our eyes, kids that started here when they were 6 years old and our now going off the college.

We can’t wait until next year when we will add new and exciting things to keep in fresh and interesting for new and returning campers.

The 2016 will be out at the end of the year and registration will begin on January 2nd.