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Resolutions....Play More Golf

Most of us start the year with new resolutions and ideas to improve our quality of life for the upcoming year.  Why not make yours to play more golf?  There are so many benefits to playing golf, both physically and mentally.  Enjoying the outdoors in a peaceful setting, fostering relations with friends and new acquaintances, and staying fit are just a few of the many positives.  Did you know that you can burn up to 1,000 calories and walk 10,000 steps during one round of golf?  Many players find that golf can be a stress reliever, improve vision, and aid in sleeping habits!  And if the fitness aspect isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always that beverage cart or grub and beer close by…  In any case, gear up for a great year of golf in 2016, and see what benefits it has for you!

Extra ways to de-stress

Aside from the yoga and meditation trends, there’s a new fad to help us de-stress – adult coloring books!  Available with a variety of intricate designs, adult coloring books are becoming increasing popular to help us escape the daily grind.  The new trend is said to help improve concentration and motor skills, promote creativity, and release negative thoughts.  Who knew a childhood pastime could be so beneficial in adult life!  Give it a try and start de-stressing today.