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As we start the new season, golf is always trying to find new ways to engage its players. In this
observation, GolfBoards were created. Riding a golf board is fastly becoming a new way to
enjoying golf in a vastly different view. Now players can experience golf with a fun twist on the
classic game. When first stepping on a golf board, it can be a little disarming, but after playing
around with it for a few minutes it quickly becomes second nature. The first time I rode a golf
board, I was a little hesitant. It was a little difficult to turn and the board itself seemed a little
fast. But after the first couple of holes I was swerving side to side with much confidence. It had
the feel of walking a golf course but the round itself seemed to go much quicker. In conclusion,
using a GolfBoard in one of my rounds in the upcoming season is on my definite to­do list.