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At some point in their careers, most golfers will face some type of lower back pain.  Many of these injuries can be traced back to a poor starting posture which stems from our sedentary lifestyle.  I’m sure many of you sit at a desk or in your car for a majority of the day and when we do this, often our hamstrings become very tight and our shoulders become rounded forward.  For now, we are going to focus on the hamstrings.  When these muscles become tight/shortened, other muscles nearby have to pick-up the slack when we perform movements and other get turned off.  In this case, the muscles in the lower back are often activated and take on much of the load which causes our pelvis/lumbar spine relationship to become positioned unnaturally, all while our abdominals get turned off.  When we rotate in our golf swing with this going on, we place a great deal of stress on the lower back that it is not equipped to handle and it will eventually break down causing us pain.

Here is an exercise which will help loosen those tight hamstrings, taking stress off your lower back and allow you to hinge properly from your hips, which is essential to get your body into an athletic starting posture.


Joshua J. Sweeney, PGA | Director of Youth Golf | TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

Nike Golf Learning Center | Reston National Golf Course