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Frost Delays?

We all know that frost delays can be a nuisance in fall, winter, and spring.  While it can be frustrating to wait for a frost to thaw on the turf, it is necessary to maintain the short term and long term health of the grass, specifically the greens.  Any traffic on turf that has frost or is frozen can result in severe damage to the individual plants.  They could take weeks to recover or even die if the crown of the plant has been damaged. Frost damage can be evident on the greens by brownish footprints on the turf.  This is evidence that someone walked on a green while there was a frost.  Repeated damage in the same areas can cause serious turf issues come spring.  Most damage is apparent on finer cut turf such as tees, fairways, and greens, but heavier equipment like carts and mowers driving through the rough can damage the grass as well.  Sometimes there are delays when it looks as if the grass is clear of frost.  This is usually when temperatures are so cold that the grass is actually frozen.  The same damage can occur as with frost.  Neither we nor our guests look forward to frost delays, but we do appreciate your patience!  So for the next frost delay enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and know that you are helping keep our greens healthy!