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Distance Is King

Distance is King

Hitting the ball farther will help any level of golfer.  If you are able to hit 2, 3 or even 4 clubs less into a green, you will likely increase both your proximity to the hole and your chance at shooting lower scores.  The overwhelmingly most important factor to hitting the ball farther, for most golfers, is to increase club head speed.  A 1 mile per hour boost in club head speed can yield up to 2.8 additional yards with your driver.  

Now for the good news – SPEED CAN BE TRAINED, no matter your age and without much technical thought.  This is especially important for developing juniors so they can raise their ceiling for generating maximum speed once they’ve matured.  I use a system called SuperSpeed Golf that has taken speed training from other sports and perfected its application in golf.  

The offseason is a great time to work on improving your distance, so contact me if you are looking to unlock your speed potential and hit the ball farther.

Joshua J. Sweeney, PGA | Assistant Director of Instruction | The Learning Center