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Pre-Plan for Perfection

Pre-plan your Practice for Perfection Always have a plan when entering into a practice session.  This plan should consist of - what technical skill am I trying to improve, how long should I focus on this skill and what drills can I do to improve that skill.  You should then break Read More

Day Light Savings

Interesting article on how golf shaped day light savings time. http://www.billycasperdigitalnetwork.com/courses/how-golf-helped-shape-daylight-savings-time Read More

Distance Is King

Distance is KingHitting the ball farther will help any level of golfer.  If you are able to hit 2, 3 or even 4 clubs less into a green, you will likely increase both your proximity to the hole and your chance at shooting lower scores.  The overwhelmingly most important factor to hitting Read More

Finish Strong

Finish StrongIf you’ve ever played a round and with only a few holes left the club began to feel like a sledge hammer in your hands, or the short walk from the golf cart to your ball felt like a mile long hike at altitude?  This may be because of your eating and drinking habits before and Read More

The Set Up

No matter what level the golfer you are beginner or experienced, we get aske three of the same questions repeatedly1) How can be more consistent?2) How can a hit it straighter?3) And of course how did I hit it longer?One of the keys to accomplishing these goals is in your set up.  Below is the Read More

Why do courses do annual aerification?

As the summer season dwindles down the fall season is fast approaching.  This is the perfect time for aerification on the golf course.  There are many advantages to the aerification process, the GCSAA has done a great job of explaining these points in the following article: Preventative Read More

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