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David Sinisi
Teaching Professional, PGA Associate

David Sinisi was born and raised in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and has been playing golf since he could hold a golf club in his hand. Since his first time playing nine holes at 7 years old to present day golf has always been his passion. At the age of 16 he started working At Harrisburg Country Club and has been working at golf courses ever since. Growing up he was an avid tournament player playing in many local junior tours as well as playing all four years on his high school team. Growing up spending most of his time on golf courses he had the opportunity to befriend many teaching and playing professionals and was able to gain a wealth of knowledge from these individuals. As he made the transition from High School to College he realized his Passion for teaching golf after having people at his home course ask him for tips on how to improve their golf swing. This led to his current college career where he is pursuing a Professional Golf Management (PGM) degree with a Business Management specialization at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach where he has had the opportunity to learn from some very highly regarded members as the Golf industry. Such as Will Mann who was the 31st President of the PGA of America and Paige Cribb Who is the Current President of the PGA Carolinas Section.