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David Marshall
Senior Instructor, PGA Apprentice

David holds a degree from Howard University. He joined The Golf Learning Center team in 2013 with 15 years of playing and 13 years of teaching experience. David started playing golf in 1998 and with quality instruction and efficient practice; he was able to break 80 consistently within his first year of playing golf. Shortly thereafter, he played professionally on mini – tours throughout North Carolina and Florida for several years. His love of teaching is evident in his success with all levels of golfers. David incorporates laughter in his lessons, because he believes that golf is a game to be enjoyed. In addition, he is a professional caddy at Congressional Country Club. David likes working with the frustrated golfer. Just seeing someone he has worked with return to playing golf and enjoying the game again, that’s where he receives the most joy. Teaching Philosophy: "The brain tells the body what to do, the body tells the golf club where to go and the club tells the ball where to go. Your brain will determine whether golf is simple or difficult.”